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Mondays: 5:30- 6:30 pm

Beginners Yoga 

This class is designed to teach the basics to anyone willing to learn. We will focus on building each pose from its foundation, gaining strength, and cooling down. We will hold some longer stretches to create long, lean muscle. The pace of this class moves slowly, paying attention to principles of alignment and breathing. This class includes centering and savasana!


Kelly Dougherty

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Tuesdays: 8:30-9:30 am

Morning Yoga

This class combines the core Kundalini principles of breath work, physical movement, mantra & meditation with completely unique sequences. Hop on your mat and join Heather for a practice that gives you clarity and calm and helps you with the necessary "course correction" you may need to get going again.
This class is accessible to all skill levels.


Heather Hatcher

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Thursdays: 5:30-6:30 pm

Core Barre

Core Barre is a system of movement designed to create strength, flexibility, and a balanced body. It is based on elements of classical Pilates, Ballet & Athletic Conditioning. It consists of high-energy but low-impact and effective exercises that strengthen all muscles and re-program the body to move in the way it was originally designed to. These movements change our bodies in such a way that does not cause injury or further promote imbalances.

The 55-minute class not only burns fat but also produces an effective and safe way to beautifully lengthen & strengthen the entire body.
CORE BARRE is suitable for all fitness levels, regardless of age or ability.



Amanda Brewer

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Saturday, January 15th, 2021


Dance Medicine Workshop

Join Sheila and come together in sisterhood for a fun filled afternoon of yoga and belly dance. Belly dance and yoga are not only amazing for your physical body but also for your mind. When we move our bodies, we begin to heal our relationship with our bodies. We have improved body language as we express ourselves through movement, we have less stress, sleep better & feel better. And as we come together, we build friendship & sisterhood.

Be prepared to move, dance, sweat and laugh.

COST: $18



Sheila Lehman

Stretch with Block


8:30-9:30 am

Beginners Alignment Based Yoga

Alignment Based Yoga focuses more on attention to detail than attention to movement. We intentionally set up each pose from the base and focus on aligning the bones. When the bones are aligned the wear and tear of gravity on our joints is much less. Alignment Based Yoga is all about forming new habits in our body and creating more intelligent movement in the muscle tissues and skin. This class is appropriate for all experience levels!

This class includes centering and savasana!


Kelly Dougherty

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Mondays: 9:00-10:00 am

Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic Yoga is a

particularly effective practice for those recovering from, or living with, injury or illness. Therapeutic Yoga combines restorative yoga (supported postures), gentle yoga, breathwork, and guided meditation techniques in such a way that it is an excellent choice for those who need something gentle yet effective for bringing the body into balance and reducing stress. Therapeutic Yoga is a deeply meditative experience – it provides the opportunity to step away from the busy-ness of the outside world and access the deeper wisdom that resides within us.

Accessible to all bodies and everybody, all you need is an open mind! All poses are gentle and passive, using props to create a sense of comfort, openness, and release in the body.


Sheila Lehman

Laughing Yoga


9:00-10:00 am

Body Kindness

This class combines yoga postures, breath work, and some light meditation. It is a softer, slower-paced class using props such as blankets, bolsters, straps, and chairs. Poses may be approached in gradual steps giving time to focus on the breath and alignment. The class is designed to softly awaken and stretch out the body so that the practice feels good.
This is a great class for beginners, no prior yoga experience is required!


Kym Goins


Saturday, January 22nd, 2021


Rebel & Rejoice:

Body Positive Movement and Conversations

Circuit Training + Gentle Yoga + Journaling

Join Kym & Michelle for an afternoon of exploring movement in a safe, curious and encouraging environment.

-All bodies welcome.

-Journal will be provided.

-All-movement is self-paced and adaptable.

COST: $25



Kym Goins & Michelle Hoover

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Mondays: 7:00- 8:00 pm

Warm Flow

Our most physically challenging yoga class at Yoga on Main. Open to anyone willing to push themselves, give it their all, and at the same time honor and listen to their body!Benefits of Warm Yoga:-It can help you detoxify by requiring you to drink more fluids. By drinking plenty of water, your gastrointestinal, urinary, and cardiovascular systems will work far better, naturally detoxifying tissues and cells and clear the waste more readily from the body.-You can burn more calories due to an increased heart rate and metabolism.-The blood flow to your arms and legs is increased, delivering more oxygenated blood to the muscles.-Muscle tone and flexibility can be improved.-Stress is relieved, and you feel better about yourself!


Kelly Dougherty

Ashtanga Yoga

Wednesdays: 6:00-7:00 pm

Yin Yoga

Yin is a passive, transformative style of yoga that asked participants to hold postures for an extended period of time. The longer hold of poses is done primarily on the mat in seated or lying down postures. Yin yoga helps strengthen, lengthen and provide therapeutic release to joints, muscles, ligaments, facia, and other connective tissues.

The main purpose of Yin yoga is to provide grounding, as you learn to tune out the daily grind and focus on slowing down, breathing and listening to your body, you will learn to totally surrender, your mind and body to your practice!


Becca Bonagura

Hip Hop Class


6:00-7:00 pm


10:30-11:30 am


Zumba is an hour class where you can dance off the stress of you day, have fun, all while working out. This class welcomes all levels so you don’t need to know any steps or dances to participate in the class. Natalie makes it very easy to follow along and try different rhythms. Join us for fun and fitness!



Natalie Lopez Williams