30 Minute HIIT with Amanda

(Mondays Nov 5th-Dec10th 4:45-5:15 PM)

Want to get in a great workout but don't have a lot of time?
This 30 minute workout class with Amanda Vestal Brewer is just what you need. It includes warm up, High Intensity Interval Training & cool down.
Get everything you need in 30 minutes to feel and look great before the holidays!
HIIT involves short bursts of intense exercise alternated with low-intensity recovery periods. Interestingly, it is perhaps the most time-efficient way to exercise.
No experience needed and all exercises can be modified! Get your cardio then stay for Yoga with Kelly Anne Dougherty from 5:30-6:30pm start your week off right!
Researchers found that HIIT burned 25–30% more calories than the other forms of exercise as well as HIIT's impressive ability to increase your metabolic rate for hours after exercise. And was found to shift the body's metabolism toward using fat for energy rather than carbs.
High-intensity interval training can improve oxygen consumption as much as traditional endurance training, even if you only exercise about half as long.
HIIT can reduce blood pressure and heart rate, primarily in overweight or obese individuals with high blood pressure

2019 - Dig Deep and Bloom! Yoga & Visionboard Workshop

(Saturday, January 19 from 1:30-5pm)

Join me at Yoga on Main to celebrate a new year and partake in a workshop to move us in the direction of our heart’s agenda for the next 12 months. We will begin with a short gentle yoga class to work the kinks out and move around a bit. We will investigate a few key poses and what they feel like to our bodies, to our souls. And then we’ll gather for cutting, pasting, glueing, painting, and all that goes with creating our vision board for the year ahead. Vision boards are excellent reminders of the direction we want to head in spiritually, physically, emotionally. You will receive a stretched canvas to create your board that is easy to hang in your home. I will bring magazines, paint and all the other necessities for this creative adventure. But, if you have things you know you would like to include on your board, bring them along. At the end of the workshop, we can share our boards (if you so desire) and talk about what they mean to us. I look forward to sharing this experience, which has become a tradition for me, with you this coming January. Cost is $35 per person and includes yoga and vision board materials. Email kymgoins@gmail.com if you have any questions about this event. Space is limited - you can grab your spot at Yoga on Main. Pre-payment is required, but we will refund monies if event is cancelled for any reason.
If you have questions about the program itself, please reach out here or to me at kymgoins@gmail.com.

New Classes:

Friday Night Salsa with Natalie

(First Friday each Month)
Natalie will review some of the beginning steps of salsa and build on some of the things we learned last time! No experience necessary & a dancing partner needed! You do not have to participate in Salsa if you came for yoga & vice versa!

Whether you are a Salsa veteran or a complete beginner you will have a great time!

Saturday Gentle Yoga with Kym

(Various Saturdays check monthly schedule or facebook for updates)
Gentle Yoga combines yoga postures, breath work and some light meditation. It is a softer, slower paced class using props such as blankets, bolsters, straps and chairs. Poses may be approached gradual steps giving time to focus on the breath and alignment. The class is designed to softly awaken and stretch out the body so that the practice feels good.
This is a great class for beginners, no prior yoga experience is required!
COST ONLY $5!!! or you can use your Class Card!
Kym will offer Sat morning class a few Saturdays/month! Dec 1st, 15th, 22nd & 29th 9-10 am

 Soul Kit with Rebecca

(Third Monday of each month)
 Stacking Stones Ministry was founded by the Rev. Rebecca Husband Maynard, an ordained minister in the Baptist tradition.
After many good and fruitful years as an associate pastor in a local church, I left in March, 2013, to follow my passion of providing spiritual formation and growth opportunities for churches and individuals. Creating worship space and opportunities to experience God are how I believe I am to use my God-given gifts at this season in my life.
Stones/rocks have always been significant in my spiritual journey. God is my steadfast rock, the foundation of my faith. Stones/rocks speak to me of God the Creator, for they have existed since creation. The Biblical tradition of erecting little altars of stones where God met the needs of a person, or of Israel, became the basis for beginning my own tradition of erecting an ebenezer - Hebrew for "stone of help," or cairn - a Scottish Gaelic word signifying a mound of stones erected as a memorial or marker, at important times in my life. My family frequently joins in, building cairns along rivers as we kayak, or along trails as we hike.
I continue to "stack stones" as I take notice of God's moments of grace that occur each day. Too often, we are oblivious to God's grace. I hope that my ministry will engage and encourage others as they seek to take notice of God's presence and movement in their lives. 

Core Barre with Amanda

(Tuesday 10-11 & Thursdays 5:30-6:30)
CORE BARRE is a system of movement designed to create strength, flexibility and a balanced body. It is based on elements of classical Pilates, Ballet & Athletic Conditioning. It consists of high energy but low impact and effective exercises that strengthen all muscles and re-program the body to move in the way it was originally designed to. These movements change our bodies in such a way that does not cause injury or further promote imbalances.
The 55-minute class not only burns fat but also produces an effective and safe way to beautifully lengthen & strengthen the entire body.
CORE BARRE is suitable to all fitness levels, regardless of age or ability.
Classes begin Tuesday, September 18th!

WHEN: Second Friday of every month   
WHERE: The Liberty, Lower Level 
COST: $10 include Yoga class & a Beer

Yoga on Main

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Class Schedule:

Arm Balance Workshop with Kyle Story

(Jan 26th 10-12 am)

Join us for a fun filled two hour arm balance workshop. This is a workshop for all levels, no matter if you can hold a crow pose or not - everyone is welcome to come and play. We will begin our workshop with some flow to open up our bodies and our heart to the unknown, we will then focus on firing up core and upper body strength to enable us to FLY!
If you been wanting to get out of your comfort zone, take some of your time to advance your practice then this workshop is for you.

This workshop is taught by RYT-Kyle Story
Cost: $20

Class Registration:

Autumn Qigong: Letting go of grief & sadness; Boost your Immunity
(October 28th 1-3pm)
Lung/Large Intestine Health in Traditional Chinese Medical Perspective (TCM). What is the importance of the Lung's to one’s health? The Lung’s major functions include maintaining healthy immune defenses against pathogens, as well as circulating Qi and fluids throughout the body. Emotionally and physically, the Lung's (along with its organ partner, the Large Intestine), is responsible for helping you “let go” of whatever you don’t need, from life experiences, toxic/turbid emotions as well as metabolic waste.
Autumn is the season associated with the Lungs and its partner, the Large Intestine. If you tend towards colds, allergies and respiratory issues in the Fall, it’s important to take care of these organs.

Sadness and grief are the emotions associated with the Lung and Large Intestine. If you cry easily or have trouble processing grief and loss, you may have an imbalance in your Lung energy.. Cost is $45. Min. of 5 students to make workshop a GO! Yoga on Main, Elkin, NC laughinghorseqigong@gmail.com or call/txt Donna Ellis 828-230-2517 to register.