Kelly promotes a calm, comfortable aura through her teaching.  Her class provides the space where your lists and outside responsibilities are not invited. This is your time to find relaxation and rejuvenation. She
teaches alignment-based, flow and restorative classes that strengthen and challenge both the body and the mind. Her classes are appropriate from beginner students to experienced yoga practitioners. Her use of various props assist the student in gaining the most benefit from each pose.
Kelly's classes teach you to calm the mind while bringing awareness to the body.
Kelly has completes a curriculum training with the Mindful Schools Program and works with both adults and children teaching mindfulness techniques and practices.

Kelly Dougherty is a vibrant young woman who is trying to help ground others in wholesome disciplines.  A free yoga class at college was her first experience with yoga.  After college she found herself developing a personal practice while living in Nicaragua for 2 years. During that time she continuously shared yoga with many of her friends and neighbors. Since moving to North Carolina she wanted to deepen her knowledge and experience with yoga. She found her opportunity in a 200 hr Yoga teacher training at Sunrise Yoga Studio in Clemmons, NC.   Since then she has found herself ever more grounded in Yoga and its enrichment.Kelly also runs Lavender Anne's Herb Farm ( has just finished building a house with her husband on their land in Surry County. They have a working farm, grow their own food and herbs.  Kelly is excited to connect her study of the mind and body with they study of the earth. She believes taking care of our own bodies, each other and the earth is the way to health.

Class Descriptions

Alignment Based- A yoga class for new beginners, or for anyone wanting a gentler class. This is a good class to begin your training, as the pace of this class moves slowly, paying attention to principles of alignment and breathing. If you are new to yoga, coming back, or working with an injury, the pace and focus of the class would be appropriate. (75 minute class)

Level 2 Flow-  This class is appropriate for beginner and experienced students that are somewhat familiar with yoga postures. We will use creative sequencing to link postures together, using the flow of the breath to guide the movement. The emphasis will be on generating energy and heat to let the body release toxins and tight muscles. The room is slightly warm and class is accompanied by music! (75 minute class)

Level 3 Warm Flow- Room will be heated with the humidifier on to encourage flexibility and a cleansing detox for the body. (75 minute class)

Beginners Yoga- Taking the very first step! This class is designed to teach the basics to anyone willing to learn. We will focus on building each pose from its foundation and gaining strength to hold poses longer each time you come! Many people practice in this class for years while others use it as a stepping stone before moving on to other advanced classes.

Yin/Restorative - is a passive yoga practice that involves variations of seated and supine poses typically held for longer periods of time then a flow class. This class is open to all levels but gentle enough for folks with limited mobility. This practice especially works the connective tissue around the joints (mainly the knees, pelvis, sacrum, and spine). In our day to day activities we are usually rushing and moving pretty quickly. Yin Yoga gives us the opportunity to slow down the body and in turn slow down the mind.

Private Yoga Session: private classes offer a one on one opportunity to learn and grow on and off your mat. Classes will be planned and discussed with you according to what you would like to work on or based around an injury or recovery. We can also work around your schedule to make it as conveinent for you as possible! Contact the studio for more information or questions! 336.701.7275

Our Teachers

Yoga on Main

Kelly Dougherty

Finding Your Path

Coming to Class:
Please be on time. If you are late , please enter quietly and set up your mat and join the class.
Leave shoes at the door...wear your bare feet and a open mind!
Yoga is a non- competitive practice, therefore your personal best is enough.
Inform your teacher of injuries or special needs.  If you are a new student, we ask that you come about 15 minutes before class to register, meet your teacher,  and fill out our general release form before beginning the class.
No perfume or heavy scented lotions please.
Studio mats and props are available, but we encourage you to bring you own mat.
Eat lightly, at least 3 hours before class.
Attire for yoga is anything you feel comfortable and can move freely in.
Please leave your cell phones, gum, and stresses at the door.
Breathe deeply, and enjoy the journey. 

COST: Drop in class $10 OR 10 Class Card for $80